Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up! Part Two!

Here is a picture of our first snow back at the beginning of December. Zowie was barking at the snow falling outside. We also had a ton of leaves on our porch...hehe :) But the garland look nice!

On December 7th, the Student Arts Ministry Corey and I have been working with had their Christmas Party. Here is our group photo from that night.

Then on the second weekend of December Corey and I drove to Ocala, FL to have an interview with Oak-Griner Baptist Church. However, we have already heard back from the church and they are pursuing another canidate. But here is a picture we took in the car!

Stay Tuned for Part Three! Hopefully, I will complete that today as well!


The Weber's said...

YEA for the catch up posts!! We are so excited to see you all doing well! You look great!! We love and miss you!

Paul and Allison Reid said...

Corey has hair! I like it! YOu guys look great and I am so happy to get an update (or three). We still miss you guys a lot and are hoping you'll come visit us soon!
We will continue to pray for you both.