Sunday, July 29, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Here are some pictures from Girl's Night
Out with the Ladies from Church! Enjoy!

Julie, Pam and Sarah putting on Foundation

Bonita and Christy putting on Foundation

Corey putting on Foundation

Amy helping Corey with her eyeshadow

Amy helping Corey with her eyeshadow

Alisia putting on Foundation

Put on that make-up ladies! :)

These ladies are having way too much fun!

Aren't we beautiful?

Pam is drying her fingernails

Corey and Christi had to leave early, don't they look
gorgeous with their new look and jewelry?

Just chillin' while our nails dry

Chandra and Alisia smiling with their new look and jewelry

Pam and Sarah sporting their looks and jewelry

Group picture!

Close Up!

Chandra and Bonita planning their next Jewelry party.

Sarah and Julie trying on jewelry

Pam and Alisia just chillin'

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures from our Girl's Night Out!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Corey's Summer Classes

Let me catch you up on Corey's classes this summer! Each class during the Summer is only 2 weeks in length.

The 1st Summer Session, he took Church History. The big project he had to do for that class was a Timeline. It ended up being about 9 feet long!!!! Crazy! But it will be good for referencing at a later date. He passed the class with a C+!

Corey finished his 2nd Session of Summer classes this past Friday! For the 2nd Session, he took Deuteronomy. He is finishing up his final paper for the class. It is due this week. Then he will receive his final grade for that class. We'll let you know when he receives his grade for that class.

Summer Pictures!

Here are some summer pics...

Corey and Amy at the Reeds' Wedding. Corey was a groomsmen and Amy sang for the wedding.

The happy couple...Chris and Angela Reed!

Katie, Amy's silly sister! She is posing for the picture in front of the fan! hehe :)

Katie and Amy celebrating their birthdays. Katie turned 21 and Amy turned 25!

Aren't we the cutest couple ever!!!!!
Check back for more pictures to come!!!