Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Lunch at Uncle Dan's

We had a wonderful family lunch today at Amy's Uncle Dan's Home. Enjoy the slide show!!


This past Thursday, Amy and her mom were at the St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta. Amy's Dad, Ken Cann, was sent for OutPatient Procedure to see what the blockage was in his heart.
He was told he failed his stress test due to an abnormality.
This is where we spent most of our day on Thursday:

When Amy and her mom were called to the consultation with the Doctor, we were blessed to hear the news he had to share....There was NOTHING!! NO BLOCKAGES!

God had completely healed whatever ailments had been there.


Father's Day

Sorry we're so far behind on the Father's Day blog!!!
We do not have internet at our place as of yet :(
Hopefully soon!!!
Well, we celebrated our Anniversary, Father's Day and
Katie's Birthday (Amy's Sister) together.

We ended up going to dinner at Papa's Pizza and then out for a
Drive-In Movie to see Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones!

Enjoy some pictures:

Here are the Father's Day pictures:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Saturday, June 14th, Corey and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!!!

I love this man more today than the first day I met him!!!! I love you Corey!!!
Enjoy some pics from our Reception!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Address

Corey and I have been "still" since Thursday Morning thru Sunday. We've really been praying together and seeking where God would have us be right now (even if it is a transitional location). We both feel that God is leading us back to Georgia at this time. We have a wonderful opportunity to be in our own place for a minimum of 6 months...I'll post pictures later. We will be loading up the U-Haul on Wednesday and leaving on Thursday morning. So, without further adeu (did I spell that right?? Spell check didn't tell me it was wrong) here is our new information:

Corey & Amy Pass
35 Lake Road Court
Ellijay, GA 30540

Cell Phones stay the same:
Corey - 678-617-0516
Amy - 678-617-5093

Corey -
Amy -
Both -

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!! :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Verdict Is....

Corey and I will not be moving to VA.
God has closed the door for us with Green Valley Baptist Church.
Praise God for provision and protection through His Will!
And a big THANK YOU to all the prayers for God's Will to be evident!
We will keep you posted on where God is leading us next.
Stay Tuned!!!!

Lunch Yesterday!

The ladies at work decided to have a lunch in honor of me leaving! Isn't that sweet!?!?!? I thought so. Well, while we were having lunch, the guys were put in charge of answering the phones!!! :) They did very well!

I've put together some pictures that I took, however there are more that should be posted on my friend's blog: Please check those out once she gets them up.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update from Weekend in VA

Here is the Webpage from Green Valley's Website Last week:

We drove up on Saturday morning to Lebanon, VA. We arrived at the church about 12:45pm. We had to be there by 1pm for a meeting with some of the youth and their parents. Due to softball, baseball & soccer games, there wasn't a lot of youth there. However, it was a wonderful time of fellowship with about 5 families. We answered some questions that the youth and the parents had for us as well as ate some pizza!!! Enjoy some pictures from Saturday!

After our meeting with the families, we had the evening to ourselves! This was good, it gave Corey some time to polish up his sermon for Sunday morning and for us to spend some time together. Here are some pictures from the service Sunday Morning:

After the service, we all headed to the Fellowship Hall for a Soup Bean Supper. After we had ate, they had Corey and I stand in front of everyone and have a time of Question & Answer! AHHHH! Talk about intimidating! But how encouraging to hear some of the comments after it was all over! God is GREAT!!!! Well.....we will hear from the committee tomorrow night!!!! We will update immediately!!! Keep checking back with us for the final announcement of whether we're moving to Virginia or headed to live with the parents for a little while!

Last Ice Cream Friday at Church Initiative

Every Friday at 3:00pm, Church Initiative, where I currently work, has Ice Cream Friday!!! The best part of the week!!! Here are some pictures of my last Ice Cream Friday as a CI Employee!

Dinner Last Thursday!

Last Thursday we had a great dinner with the Reid's. Enjoy some pictures from that night!